Wunderly Co. sells paintings

Welcome to Wunderly Galleries. We have been selling paintings since 1887. We have 125 years of art selling experience and a deep knowledge of the art market. As art brokers, we offer this selling knowledge to you. We specialize in selling paintings and works of art for our clients. If you need help, assistance, advice, guidance, or someone to take care of the entire sales process for you, we offer our services.

In case your painting or artwork would sell for more or faster in Europe, Russia,the Far East or Latin America, we have the contacts and the resources to sell there just as well and as much as in the US. In addition to wanting to sell, you may have special requirements. Perhaps you are in one location and the art is in another. Maybe it is in another country. Or possibly the art is here and you reside abroad. Maybe there is a legal context, a personal or a tax situation. Whatever the case,we will handle the situation and structure the sale in such a way that it helps you, benefits you and fits perfectly with your requirements.

Many of our clients are famous persons and as such privacy about what they do, buy and sell, is crucial to them. We totally enforce and guarantee the confidentiality of everything we do for them.

If you want someone else to handle the work and hassle of selling a painting or estate, or entire collection, please call us or email us, and we will go to work for you.