Witches' Sabbath





Large ink on board representing a witches' sabbath by Rev Istvan Arpad, signed middle left and dated 1929. Set in a superb Art Nouveau gilt frame.

All the traditional elements associated with witches' activities in medieval times are present here. The cauldron where a magic brew is being prepared. The brooms and goat. Black cats, bats and owls. A man hanging from gallows in the distance. Moonlight. Witches flying naked through the night. Eroticism. Bizarre creatures from the realm beyond. An interesting coincidence is that this depiction comes from Transylvania, the home of Count Drakul, better known as Dracula since English author Bram Stoker wrote his famous book.


Rev Istvan Arpad was born in Budapest, Hungary, in 1898. He died in 1977. He was very gifted and started exhibiting at the age of 17 in the Budapest Mûcsarnok. Later on he went to paint in Italy and Munich, Germany. For many years he made a living selling prints and posters of his work and they were exported throughout Europe and to the US. He is a listed artist in the Dictionary of Hungarian Artist: Magyar Festok es Grafikusok Eletrajzi Lexikon.

Dimensions: Approximately 17 by 22 inches. 43cm by 56cm. Framed about 26 by 32 inches. 66cm by 81cm.

Condition: Very fine condition. No flaws or damage. No sign of past restoration. No inpainting under UV examination. The frame has some nicks, flaws and wear.

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