Edmond Van Coppenolle “Still Life with Flowers”

73.025 x 91.44 cm (28.8 x 36 in). Signed lower right.


As in many of Edmond Van Coppenolle’s best paintings, he used earth-tones inspired by the Flemish and Dutch Old Master’s for this oil on canvas work. Many of this artist’s works were lost during the World Wars making remaining works markedly rare. The elements of the composition are well balanced, an explosion of primary colored blooms overflows from a large porcelain Chinoiserie vase. Poppies, asters and lilacs suggest the height of spring. A basket of extra blossoms accentuates the middle ground at right, while a small bunch of mums and rose petals lie in the foreground.

In 1843, Edmond Van Coppenolle was born into a distinguished Flemish family in Ronse, Belgium. His parents moved to Paris just before the War of 1870 and he later moved to Montigny. He is best known for his detailed, exuberant paintings of flowers, hens, roosters, and other farm animals. Van Coppenolle exhibited actively in his local galleries and regional art shows. Many of his works were lost during World War I and the almost complete destruction of Montigny during World War II. He was drafted for World War I and died in 1914 at age 36.

Excellent condition - a small tag adorns the verso.

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