About Wunderly Galleries

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As one of the oldest galleries in the United States, Wunderly has proudly offered fine paintings and sculptures for sale since 1887. The galleries first occupied a number of venues in metropolitan Pittsburgh. Wunderly Galleries survived the Great Depression, operating under family ownership for 86 years.

Today, thousands upon thousands of fine drawings, watercolors and paintings bear the Wunderly Galleries label on their frame. In 2007 the Wunderly Galleries were acquired by a dynamic international fine art company and re-envisioned as an exclusive art brokerage. The business has evolved with the twenty-first century, developing online services to meet the needs of a diverse clientele.

Selling fine artworks, developing collections, matching great art pieces to new owners and representing owners of original works of art are what we love to do at Wunderly. We hope you will join us in exploring more of what the fine art world has to offer.  

The Wunderly Brothers

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August Wunderly first purchased the art business of Mayer’s Art Store in 1894 with the help of his brother Carl. They renamed the gallery Wunderly Bros. and expanded the gallery, relocating to multiple handsome venues. August travelled to France for several months every year returning with an array of fine European art pieces and international contacts.

In North America, the Wunderly Galleries dealt in thousands of famous American paintings, featuring such artists as William Merritt Chase, James McNeil Whistler and Daniel Ridgway Knight.

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After 33 years, August handed the business down to his son, August Wunderly II in 1927. Steering the business through the Great Depression, August II successfully managed Wunderly Bros for over 50 years.





Mission Statement

The Wunderly Galleries are devoted to the successful sale and appreciation of fine art objects on the open market. We believe that refined cultural artifacts speak for some of the greatest triumphs of humanity and look to develop their exchange in a contemporary fashion.