Art consulting services

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Private Fine & Modern Art Sales
Wunderly Galleries facilitates and supports both private and institutional clients in achieving their goals on the international fine art market. We foster connoisseurship of fine art objects and continually expand our areas of expertise. Allow us to liaise with our international contacts and researchers to establish and achieve the best results for your artwork or collection.

Remote International Selling
Wunderly Galleries offers our services to clients and artworks in every country. We regularly facilitate sales for those wishing to sell their works in foreign markets or those living in different regions from that of their art collections. Our procedures allow us to manage swift and effective negotiations for artwork in any location.   

Public Virtual Showrooms
If discretion is not a concern, our public online showroom offers an excellent venue for showcasing the art piece you wish to sell. A unique feature page will be created with expertly researched written content on the work’s every facet. Our regularly visiting exclusive clientele will be able to examine your artwork at their convenience, along with the general public.

Private Virtual Showrooms
At Wunderly, we understand that confidentiality can be of the upmost concern in art sales. For this reason we offer private, password-coded showrooms for artworks upon request. Please contact our staff if you would like to view an example.

Private showrooms are accessed on the web by invitation only. Your individual artwork will be viewable upon entry with no other pieces crowding the showroom. This allows our sales staff to selectively target prospective buyers with substantial interest in your work while maintaining the utmost discretion.  

Estate Consignments
Looking to liquidate an estate or substantial collection? Our public virtual showroom offers the perfect place for moving large bodies of artwork quickly and effectively.

Art Collection Management
Wunderly Galleries brings substantial expertise and more than 125 years of experience in connoisseurship to its management of art collections. If you plan to grow your collection, establishing long-term goals and an inclusive theme are important steps to ensuring appreciation of its value. A well-orchestrated art collection can reach net worth’s in the millions and serve for significant tax conciliation later in life. Give us a call today to have your collection reviewed. 


Art Investment Advice
Interested in modeling your art collection as an investment portfolio? Investing in fine art requires extensive knowledge of art history, the commercial art and market foresight. Wunderly Galleries works with an associate research team boasting 18 PhD’s. Our company has developed unique formulas for assessing appreciation potential of every era and type of artwork.

The Art Fund Association of America recommends investing between 3% and 8% of net worth in substantial alternative investments such as Fine Art. Today major banks and individuals of a net worth over $5 million regularly divert significant capital into the fine art market for its proven rate of return.


  • Antiquities
  • Old Master Paintings & Etchings
  • Impressionist & Modern Art
  • Contemporary Art
  • British Pictures
  • Russian Art & Artifacts
  • Asian Art
  • Lithographs & Prints
  • Fine Porcelain