Collecting Art

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Building a fine art collection can be an incalculably rewarding experience. Once reserved for the elite, now major corporations and aspiring individuals alike acquire vast collections of art for both investment and recreational purposes. In the last decade, managed “Art Funds” have even developed for speculators looking to capitalize freely in the field.

Art collecting as we know it first developed in the Renaissance. With the rise of the upper middle classes in the 18th century, the homes of the prosperous were expected to display a selection of fine and historical objects. As affluence spread around the globe and among social classes in the 20th century, collecting provided further opportunity for individuals to acquire wealth and social status.

Today celebrities like Beyoncé and Steve Martin tout their fine art acquisitions. Banks own some of the largest collections in the world as private investments and China has come to dominate the marketplace. Finance consultants recommend diversifying portfolios with making up to 10% of total investments in fine historical art objects, as this market has continued to show more economic resilience than most following the 2008 recession.

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